MBA CleanTech concentration

MBA students at McCombs School of Business at University of Texas at Austin can choose to concentrate in CleanTech, by taking relevant courses. The CleanTech concentration prepares you for a career in renewable energy, energy efficiency, corporate sustainability, and emissions abatement. This field is one of the fastest growing employment areas for MBAs. Clean technology companies are seeking MBAs who not only have excellent business skills, but also a solid understanding of the technology and policy aspects affecting their industry, as well as project and risk management skills. Accordingly, the CleanTech concentration at McCombs gives you the opportunity to combine courses across various schools to best prepare for their career of choice. You will also connect with Austin’s booming CleanTech industry through the Clean Energy Incubator and a variety of on- and off-campus opportunities.

Curriculum Requirements

  • MAN 385 – Energy Technology and Policy
  • MAN 385 – Management Sustainability Practicum

Choose one (1) of the following courses:

  • MKT282 – Analysis of Markets (recommended for Marketing/Operations)
  • FIN286 – Valuation (required for Finance)

Choose one (1) course from the list below:

  • LEB380.31 – Energy Law
  • LAW379M – Wind Energy
  • PA188G – Climate Change Law & Policy
  • CRP383 – Environmental Law & Policy
  • LEB380.3 – Law of Commercial Real Estate Finance & Development
  • LEB380.26  – Law for Entrepreneurs

Finance track – Choose three (3) courses from list below:

  • FIN394.1 – Advanced Corporate Finance
  • FIN397.1 – Investment Theory & Practice
  • FIN394.2 – Financial Strategies – Energy Focus
  • FIN294.17 – Advanced Valuation & Financial Modeling
  • FIN394 – Energy Finance Practicum
  • FIN 397.4 – Financial Risk Management

Entrepreneurship track – Choose three (3) courses from the list below:

  • MAN385 – Texas Venture Labs
  • MAN385.64 – Enterprise of Technology
  • MAN385 – New Venture Creation
  • MKT382 – Marketing High Tech Products
  • OM386 – Supply Chain Management
  • MAN385 – Management Sustainability Practicum
  • MAN385 – Entrepreneurial Growth
  • FIN 394.7 – Raising Capital

Marketing/Operations track – Three (3) courses from the list below:

  • MKT382 – Marketing High Tech Products
  • OM386 – Supply Chain Management
  • OM386 – Advanced Operations Management
  • MKT382 – Marketing Metrics
  • MKT382 – Social and Ethical Responsibility of Business

Recommended Electives

  • MAN385.65 – Enterprise of Technology
  • EER396 – Political Economy of Global Energy
  • EER396 – Research in Energy/Earth Resources Practice
    LEB 380.4 – Law for Finance

Total credit hours: 20

Faculty Contact: John C. Butler