The CleanTech Group brings in a variety of speakers to discuss topics on different aspects of the CleanTech industry. Companies that have visited include SunPower, Waste Management, Exxon, Chevron, and Conoco Phillips as well as Brewster McCracken from the Pecan St Project (a local smart grid demonstration).

CleanTech Treks

Annual visits to a number of companies over one or two days in San Francisco and Austin. Past trips have included visits to Austin Energy, LCRA, First Solar, Method, and E.On.

Community Outreach

The CleanTech group is an active participant with Austin professional organizations in the CleanTech industry. Representatives regularly attend events organized by CleanTX, the Webber Group, and Solar Austin. All members are kept abreast of the different networking opportunities around Austin and national conferences where there are good opportunities to meet companies in the CleanTech industry.

UT Energy Forum

This is an entirely student run event and is the largest energy event on campus. It is typically a two-day conference with far reaching panels made up of industry, government, and academic experts in the field. It provides top notch networking opportunities with all kinds of individuals from the energy industry. Venture capitalists, company representatives and executives, national laboratory directors,  and many other people gather for this event. CTG members also help to plan and organize the event.

Field Trips

It’s one thing to talk about sustainability and renewable energy, but it’s a whole other thing to see it in person. We make that happen, visiting company facilities and energy infrastructure of all kinds. Recently we visited a wind farm in West Texas and the control room of the Electric Reliability System of Texas (ERCOT).



To speak to the group, recruit Texas MBAs for projects, internships or full-time roles, or if you are interested in learning more about career treks or hosting McCombs students, please contact us at or faculty advisor John C. Butler, PhD.