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To speak to the group, to recruit Texas MBAs for projects, internships or full-time roles, to host career treks for students, or to learn more, please contact us at or faculty advisor John C. Butler, PhD.

Alumni Happy Hour, Nov 2018, Austin

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Class of 2022

Reena Birch Fram – President

Wes Straker – VP of Finance

Ariel Carpenter – Co-VP of Careers

Jose Mendez – Co-VP of Careers

Travis Cook – Co-VP of CleanTech Fellows

Chase Douglas – Co-VP of CleanTech Fellows

Alex Giarratano – VP of Education

Anand Mishra – VP of Communications

Sean Corcoran – VP of Social Engagement

Class of 2021

Evan Syers – President

Paul Neidhardt – VP of Finance

Mayra Marquez – Co-VP of Careers

Paul Peterson – Co-VP of Careers

James Alvarez – Co-VP of CleanTech Fellows

Vineet Raman – Co-VP of CleanTech Fellows

Kim Dabrowski – VP of Education

Jenny Zhan – VP of Communications

Allie Napier – VP of Social Engagement

Class of 2020

Nick Wright – President & VP of Communications

Brittney Boucher – VP of Finance & Events

Claire Austin – Co-VP of Careers

Carlos Villanueva – Co-VP of Careers

Topher Lancaster – VP of CleanTech Fellows

Neomi Sanghrajka –VP of Education

Class of 2019

Sarah Pendergast – President

Kathleen Gill – VP of Finance & Events

Taina Tebaldi-Lajara – VP of Communications

Jiwon Min – Co-VP of Careers

Ryan Fager – Co-VP of Careers

Jayce Walker – VP of CleanTech Fellows

Jeff Sullivan – VP of Education

Class of 2018

Charlie Cox – President

Nina Hitchins – VP of Events

Raveesh Budania – VP of Communications

Peter Christmas – Co-VP of Careers

Lewis Bichkoff – C0-VP of Careers and CleanTech Fellows

Edgar Varela – C0-VP of CleanTech Fellows

Charlie Barnett – VP of Professional Development

Erica Pocs – VP of Finance

Class of 2017

Kayla Fenton – President

Andrew Whiteman – VP of Finance and Events

Alex Poling – VP of Marcom

Andrew Strong – Co-VP of Careers

Courtney Good – C0-VP of Careers and CleanTech Fellows

Carlos Cohim – VP of Education

Class of 2016

Chris Podbregar – President

Adam Smith – Finance VP

Kara Norwood – Marcom VP

Jim Lamb – Social VP

Dan Newland – CT Fellows VP

Marsha Harrington – Careers Co-VP

Brendan Kuhn – Careers Co-VP

Shrestha Chowdhury – Education VP

Class of 2015

Alex Dey – President

Christie Sutton – VP, Treasury

Andy Ferris – VP, Communications

Jordan Spore – VP, External

Doug Herling – VP, External

Max Pike – VP, Internal

Thomas Anderson – VP, Cleantech Fellows

Sean Pool – VP, Longhorn Energy Club

Class of 2014

Michael Sciortino – President

Sam Maslin – VP, External Relations

Jacob Migliazzo – VP, Special Events, Treks

Nick Digani – VP, Treasury

Jacob Lohman – VP

Nicole Hughes – VP

George McGuirk – VP

Class of 2013

Patricia Varraveto – President

Class of 2012

Jeff Sabins – President

Class of 2011

Josh Stillman – President

Class of 2010

Franklin Fuchs – President

Class of 2008

Founding President – Cyrus Tashakkori

Tuan Pham – VP

Richard Fusco – VP

Kate Houlihan – VP

Michael Greczyn – VP