Hands-on experience

At McCombs School of Business, MBA students interested in clean energy sector supplement classroom learning with hands-on experience through mini-projects with companies, CleanTech Fellows program and working with cleantech startups under Texas Venture Labs and Austin Technology Incubator.

McCombs+ Projects

Under the McCombs+ leadership program, MBA students engage with companies on small consulting assignments, which provides a real-world platform to apply academic knowledge. McCombs+ projects also provide an excellent opportunity for emerging renewable energy companies to evaluate potential MBA hires in a real-world environment.

Does your company need a few extra pair of hands for a discrete project? Please contact CleanTech Group Executive Team or Deidra Stephens, McCombs+ Director at 512-232-3780 

For more information about McCombs+ Leadership Program, visit McCombs+ program page

CleanTech Fellows

The CleanTech Fellowship is a selective leadership program that offers exceptional Texas MBA students the opportunity to deepen industry knowledge through hands on experiences in the cleantech world. Because each fellow sources his/her own internship, the program can be tailored to anyone’s specific interests: energy, buildings, transportation, or agriculture. Once selected, each CleanTech fellow spends 8 -15 hours per week working with a company of their choosing and periodically meeting with the other fellows to check in, attend speaker series, and discuss developments in the industry. Students earn credit for the part-time internship, which lasts for the second semester of the first year. The experience offers a great opportunity to build relationships with industry experts and growing companies. The CleanTech Fellows program is connected to the CleanTech Group.

Would your company like to host a fellow? Please contact us or  CleanTech Group Executive Team

Some companies’ comments about having a CleanTech Fellow:

“Having MBA-caliber assistance on a company project is great, but getting the insight and support of a UT Cleantech Fellow on an energy-related endeavor is invaluable.  Their passion for the sector and dedication to the project made all of the difference for us.”

“This spring Riley Chang, a McCombs CleanTech fellow, spent time at CLEAResult helping us explore new business models for delivering efficiency to underserved markets. She was instrumental in helping us with fundamental research regarding NGO business models in the energy efficiency space. Her thoroughness and dedication to the project was very helpful as we formulated a plan to present to our company executives. The goal was to better understand how CLEAResult could potential form a non-profit subsidiary that could then use donations and/or grants to fund efficiency projects across local communities. Riley not only helped us understand existing business models but built out the cash flow model for how we could make a sustainable non-profit entity to fulfill this mission. While we clearly have a long way to go prior to any business decision being made, Riley has set us off on the right path and gave us the momentum we need to make a legitimate argument to our Executive Committee.

This is the second time we have taken on a CleanTech fellow, and both times we have been blown away with how dedicated and smart they have been. Both Riley Chang and Charlie Barnett are a great reflection of the McCombs business school, and we would love to continue to work with the CleanTech fellowship program. We hope that we helped the fellows get a better understanding of the utility industry and more specifically the energy efficiency space, but we most definitely received highly valuable contributions from them as we’ve worked on leading-edge products/programs.

Enjoy your summer, go Longhorns!”

“Working with the McComb’s CleanTech Group has been a tremendously valuable experience.  They provide access to a resource pool of incredibly talented individuals and help curate the list to those who are the best fit for your projects.  In our case our search was short, and we were paired with an extremely high-caliber individual who exceeded expectations.  We look forward to continuing our work with this group in the future!”

Read more about CleanTech Fellows here.

Startup experience

Through Austin Technology Incubator and Texas Venture Labs, MBA students gain experience with CleanTech startups, advising and working with them on their critical issues.