Bay Area CleanTech Trek (January 2020)

McCombs MBA students visit Tesla in (from left to right): John Jung, Hiroki Mochizuki, Mayra Marquez, Austin Jones, David Dobrowski, Chris Williams, and Sean Stallings

McCombs MBA students traveled to the California Bay Area for a CleanTech Trek. Thank you to McCombs and other University of Texas alumni for helping host the students. They visited a variety of companies including:

  • Tesla
  • First Solar
  • Just Inc
  • 8minute Solar Energy
  • E3
  • Ridecell
  • Imperfect Produce

Mayra Marquez (MBA 2021), who planned the trek, said “As I was planning the Bay Area trek last year, I was excited to include companies that focused on non-traditional sectors in CleanTech, such as food and mobility, in addition to the more traditional CleanTech companies we’ve focused on in the past. It was a great way for people to learn more about the industry from seasoned professionals, experience the different company cultures onsite, and continue to develop their professional networks.”


McCombs MBA students visit Imperfect Produce (from left to right): Sean Stallings, Austin Jones, Chris Williams, Hiroki Mochizuki, David Dobrowski, Mayra Marquez, and John Jung

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